Chemical products

We continuously invest in improvements and we research the market for new product needs. Our offer includes a complete range of thinners for various industrial uses, as well as specific industrial-grade mixtures and solvent blends.


A thinner is a volatile solvent or solvent mixture used to dilute (i.e. reduce the viscosity) of paints and varnishes (coatings) up to a viscosity suitable for application (coating, spraying, immersion) on a surface. When applied or drying, the thinner evaporates together with the solvents originally contained in paints and varnishes. Thinners are also used to wash surfaces before varnishing, and to wash equipment and accessories. Most commonly used are so-called oil paints or alkyd thinners for alkyd paints and varnishes, nitro thinner for cellulose nitrate-based paints (nitrocellulose), and water for water-soluble and dispersion paints and varnishes.


Industrial solvents are volatile organic solvents of various compositions. Many industrial-grade solvents are easily flammable, with toxic vapors, and can easily explode when exposed to air. Some typical and everyday solvents include ethanol, methanol, chloroform, benzene, acetone, etc.