Hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste covers a wide range of different categories of hazardous substances in any state of aggregation. Waste identification is being carried out according to the Waste Catalog from the Waste Catalog Ordinance (“Narodne novine” 90/15) within which we identified 76 key types of waste for its storage and recovery processes. In accordance with our valid Hazardous Waste Management permit, the operations are carried out at Poduzetnička ulica 8, Kerestinec, HR-10431 Sveta Nedelja. We operate in accordance with all legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia: Law on Waste Management (“Narodne novine” br. 84/21), Ordinance on Waste Management (“Narodne novine” 81/20), The Law on Environmental Protection (“Narodne novine” 80/13, 153/13, 78/15, 12/18 and 118/18) and other legal acts and by-laws which include waste management and environmental protection.