• Colorless solvent with an odor characteristic of aromatics with the general formula of C8H10
  • Exists in three isomeric forms: (1,2-) ortho-, (1,3-) meta- i (1,4-) para-xylene
  • Used in the production and purification of polymers, polystyrene, rubber and resins; in the chemical industry; as an industrial solvent for professional users; used as a fuel; in cleaning agents, road applications, lubricants, thinners, etc.

Properties of our recovered solvent:

Density: 0,86 – 0,89 kg/L

Color:  10-30 Hazen

Odor: aromatic

Water content: <1%

Composition:  xylene ≤ 99% (other: etil-benzen, toluen, stiren)

Packages available (L): 1000

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