Chemical leasing

At Premifab we are developing a business model aimed at providing a service that shifts the focus from increasing the volume of chemical sales to a value-added approach. The concept is based on the idea of cleaner production and pollution prevention. Our primary objective is to reduce the consumption of chemicals that stem from the economic interests of users, manufacturers and/or suppliers. Chemical leasing fits the definition of that business model. Unlike the traditional business model, this concept enables manufacturers to sell functions of chemicals. A functional unit (e.g. the amount of used/recovered and returned solvent circulating between the consumer and the disposer) is the basis of calculation for payment if a partner can implement such a model. By separating payments from the manufacture of new chemicals, chemical leasing promotes better and more efficient management of chemicals and results in a positive environmental impact, thus reducing human health risks and financial savings, both for manufacturers/suppliers of chemicals and for users.

We can help interested clients develop and apply a chemical leasing model within their production processes.